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Vintage Grain

Casked in American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of eight years, this Single Grain Irish Whiskey was meticulously hand-selected by Jonathan V. Egan, the sixth generation of a family with whiskey in their blood.

Go with the Grain

Egan’s Vintage Grain is an exceptionally smooth and characterful Single Grain Irish Whiskey, brimming with charming sweetness and warm spices. It is a celebration of the extraordinary industry and endeavour of our forefathers and their passion for the craft of malting, brewing and bottling.

Tasting Notes

Egan's Vintage Grain's lighter style compares very favorably to its heavier Pot Still and Single Malt cousins. It lends itself perfectly to making a craft cocktail, with a simple mix, sipped neat or on the rocks. For our twists on some vintage classics click here.

Nose – Vanilla, oak fudge, and caramel notes.
Mouth – Charming sweetness & smooth vanilla, with a subtle hint of spice.
Linger – Long, gentle and gaining in warmth.

egan’s fortitude

A single malt which has been matured exclusively in Pedro XImÉnez casks to create a full flavoured whiskey with a strong influence of sherry.

strength & character

This whiskey has been specially crafted to celebrate the strength of character and resolve of our co-founder and passionate Irishman Henry J. Egan.

Tasting Notes

Matured in Pedro Ximénez casks to exhibit the strong sherry influence. The whiskey is non chill-filtered and bottled at 46% ABV to retain true character. Egan’s Fortitude can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a craft cocktail.

Nose – Heavy sherry, honey, raisins, and a hint of marzipan.
Mouth – Full of complexity, strong influence of sherry, mixed fruit, notably raisins, and sultanas.
Linger – Satisfyingly long, the complex flavours linger on the palate.

10 Year Old Single Malt

Six generations in the making, this charismatic Ten Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey was carefully selected by members of the Egan family and proudly represents over 160 years of family heritage.

Charming the Judges

“The longer you allow it to breath and fully oxygenate in the glass, the more of its engaging aromas will come forward. Egan’s has a slightly warm entry that quickly expands, filling the mouth with flavors of honey, malt, cranberries, apples and a bevy of baking spices.” – Robert Plotkin, Judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Tasting Notes

Aged for a minimum of 10 Years in American oak, this Single Malt Irish Whiskey is non chill-filtered to retain the unique characteristics of the carefully selected casks. Enjoy as you would your favourite Single Malt. Neat, on the rocks or with a dash of water.

Nose – Delicate, with a hint of apple, spices and light smoke.
Mouth – Malty & creamy, with complex hints of cereal & smooth silkiness.
Linger – Big finish and what appears to be an endless aftertaste.

Legacy Reserve


Tasting Notes

This very limited single malt, aged for 15 years in American bourbon casks, has been carefully hand-selected by Maurice & Jonathan Egan - the fifth and sixth generations of the Egan family. This release is limited to only 1,000 bottles and is an expression of their commitment to provide only the finest Irish whiskey and honour the craft and dedication of their forefathers.

Nose – An unmistakable Irish Single Malt nose. Creamy with notes of apple and citrus. Toffee and vanilla add complexity.
Palate – Full bodied as one would expect from a Single Malt of this age. Lemon peel and pepper with some oak dryness.
Finish – Big finish and what appears to be an endless aftertaste.

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